Keeping your home comfortable is about more than just temperature control. Indoor Air Quality has become an important issue for today's homeowner. Unwanted air contaminants like dust, dirt, pollen, and mold are found in every home.

Not only can these air pollutants affect your health, but they can also build up on your HVAC equipment causing strain on the system.

We want the air you breathe to be clean and fresh, so our company offers a variety of Indoor Air Quality Products including humidifiers, dehumidifiers, high efficiency air filters and UV germicidal lamps.

Energy Efficiency

Atlantic Heat and Air is concerned about the environment. We can help you find ways to conserve energy with your existing equipment, and we also provide a full line of energy efficient products that can be installed by our professional technicians. For more information on energy efficiency, visit


Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, and Heat Pumps contain a chemical coolant or refrigerant that is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency due to its toxicity. Atlantic Heat and Air has technicians who are certified by the EPA to ensure safe handling and disposal of refrigerants.


One of the greatest ways you can help to keep energy costs down is by sensible use of the thermostat to control the indoor climate all year around. Many people make the mistake of turning the temperature right down to a crazy cold level in summer and end up with the system icing up because it's working so hard to turn their home into a walk-in refrigerator!

The easy way to set a sensible thermostat temperature in summer is to just think what temperature makes you feel comfortable in winter. Around 72-74 degrees is generally regarded as a ball park figure for comfort. So that's the level you should be aiming for in summer as well as in winter!


One really obvious way to keep your home clean is of course to vacuum regularly. But did you know this is also a great way to maintain cleaner air inside your home too?

If you have a modern vacuum cleaner, the chances are it is fitted with a high quality air filter or HEPA filter. It's a fairly simple pad installed in the vacuum's airline that does a great job of trapping tiny airborne particles like fine dust and prevents them being re-circulated indoors.

So remember to vacuum regularly with a good quality machine and your air quality will improve remarkably. And it's all done without you needing to buy expensive (and often ineffective) air filtering appliances!

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