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Keeping the Indoor Climate Comfortable

The main reason for having an air conditioner is to keep you comfortably cool during the hot summer months (depending on your local climate). Likewise, you have a heating system to keep you warm during winter. But there are more advantages to an HVAC system (or its components) than just keeping you cool or warm!

In certain states, the outdoor climate can become very humid in summer or whenever it gets hot. And that can be very uncomfortable when that same hot, humid, sticky and sweaty climate gets indoors!

An AC not only cools the air, but it also acts as a dryer, reducing the humidity and making the air indoors more pleasant.

Economical Cooling

With today's rising energy costs, running a big, energy-hungry HVAC system can work out to be rather costly for the average family. However, it doesn't need to be so expensive!

There are some simple, common sense tactics you can make use of that will definitely drive down the household energy usage and save you money. In some cases, it can work out to a big saving over time.

In summer, make sure you set the thermostat to a sensible temperature so that the indoor climate remains comfortable without being too cold. After all, the colder you force the system make it, the more energy it will use to achieve it.

The same advice works in winter. Instead of setting the thermostat too high so that it feels like an arid desert indoors, set it to be comfortable. We recommend an all-year round temperature of between 72-75 degrees.

If you're setting it to below 70 in the summer, or above 75 in the winter you're just wasting energy and money!

Plug the Gaps

While many newer-built homes are well insulated and weather-proof, older buildings can have a lot of scope for tightening up to help save wastage and money.

Attic insulation is a no brainer for reducing heat-loss in winter, but did you know that it also serves to help maintain a more even (and cool) temperature in summer? By helping to keep the heat out and prevent the attic from heating up too much, insulation is great for reducing the amount of energy your cooling system needs to maintain a comfortable temperature indoors.

But it's not just the attic that can be insulated to reduce thermal leakage from a building. Walls, window frames and door frames can all be tightened up.

If there are any gaps, cracks or openings in door or window frames, that's where heat will get through the building's outer skin and either allow heat loss in winter or heat ingress in summer. Plugging those gaps with caulk, no matter how small they are, can make a big difference to energy bills.

If window or door frames are very old, it may be a sound investment to replace them with new ones. Your home will look great and it will be saving you money by preventing energy wastage!

A cozy home is a happy home!

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